Why Buy from us?

Quality and service varies from supplier to supplier . .




  • 1) High Quality printing with detailed images and high definition colours. For banners used indoors or viewed close up, the quality will be greatly appreciated.
  • 2) We do not limit the use of wording. Although we provide pre-designed templates to choose from, we treat each order 'individually' and will modify the artwork to suit your wording. We can even change colours to suit your preference!
  • 3) We give you the option to have a proof emailed before printing to ensure your order really is 'personalised' to your requirements.
  • 4) We use a quality 450gsm coated PVC material which is tearproof and use waterproof colourfast inks for Outdoors. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: We use a Class B1 Fire Resistant PVC material for Fire Safety. Our Competitors often use a cheap 440g Laminated PVC which can be dangerous in the event of a fire.
  • 5) We offer a range of sizes to suit your location needs or budget

. . . . . we care to provide you with the best



  • 1) Competitors often print using 'banner mode'. A low quality, high speed print output designed to be viewed from over 2 metres away, such as on a roadside. Viewed up close they can appear grainy and lack detail.
  • 2) Competitors often have fixed templates that limit wording or customising to suit your needs. Some have 'online' design apps for you to create the layout, but when you see how long it takes to use it, you really will wish you hadn't started! 
  • 3) Competitors rarely give you a proof to check before production
  • 4) Competitors often use uncoated 440gsm laminated budget PVC, which tears just as easy as paper. Worse still, some actually do use paper !  Please check FIRE RATING Safety Information of our competitors. The majority do not use Class B1 like we do

..... the competition doesn’t come close !

We look forward to serving you ....