Happy 21st Birthday Meredith
We are always pleased to receive feedback comments from our customers letting us know how successful the Banners were. On this occasion it was good to receive photos of the Banner in place. The comment that accompanied the photos was: "Thank you..
Our Website is now Mobile Friendly!
We launched our online Party Banners store in 2014. Since then, Smartphone use has continued to grow to the point where mobiles are now the most used method to access online information. To address this, we have now rebuilt our store to enable mobile..
New Range Coming Soon . . . .
In addition to our pre formatted designs for specific occasions, we are now working on a ‘Say what you want’ range. They will feature attractive graphic borders and backgrounds but the centre content is entirely decided by you. Usable for all situ..
Personalised Party Banners BLOG
* PERSONALISED PARTY BANNERS BLOG * In addition to our updated website, we have added a BLOG module that now works within the store itself. Our intention is to publish helpful hints, stories, and examples of anything different we might have don..
You don't need a Paypal account to pay by Paypal !
The advantage with Paypal is that you don't need to have have a paypal account to make an online payment. If you do have a Paypal account, purchases can be funded by money that you have paid in to it, or a credit card can be assigned to it for pur..
Our first 100 year old customer !!!
Rachel was our first first 100 Year Old Customer! When the Care Home was planning the celebrations for Rachel’s birthday, we were excited they chose us. Unfortunately, the credit card the home used would not allow an online purchase. After talk..
Welcome Home Banner example
How do you mark the occasion when your son returns from touring Asia? A Welcome Home Banner of course! On this occasion instead of hanging it at home ready for his return, it was at the Airport ready and waiting. It's always nice when custom..
Joint Birthday Party Banner
You don't have to have one birthday to celebrate! We did this party banner for a joint 40th Birthday Party. Whatever the occasion, we are always glad to help and sort any special requirements. ..
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