FREE Photo Enhancing


Question: What happens when the photo you supply for your banner has a low resolution with visible blocky pixels?

Answer: We can 'enhance' your photo at no extra cost. The images below are actual examples of before and after.

NOTE: When sending photos, if sending from a mobile phone, ensure the setting used is 'ORIGINAL', not compressed. Please don't select reduced size for email friendly. Otherwise the phone sends us a low quality version of your original photo and we need the best we can get to start with.



Customers frequently send low resolution photos that are quite pixelated and you can clearly see the block like pattern.

These are often images from an old mobile phone or one taken on the spur of the moment without having time to set the camera correctly.

Because your images are being enlarged to print on the banner, the 'blocky' look would increase.

When a photo is sentimental, or just ideal for the banner, it seems a shame not to use it.

Normally our competitors just print the photo regardless, but we do our best to help you get the best result.

Although we can't magically make your photos absolutely perfect, we do have specialist software that can enhance it.

Adobe Photoshop can improve it to a degree but our software is purpose built to blend all the blocky pixels in to a smoother image.

It analyses your photo and provides various options for our studio to tweak the photo to suit.

If the photo was very poor to start with, the end result will be a softer image, but much more pleasing to the eye. Far better than a non adjusted photo where the person looks like they are made from lego!

All part of the 'extra' service we provide to give you the best product at the best price